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Let’s go back in time with some Vintage Toonami and Adult Swim clips;

We’ve got the Tom 2 era.
A bit of Dragoball Z.
Some New Year’s Evil
A splash of Jonny Quest with the original Cartoon Network Logo.
The staple, Inuyasha
Oh hey, Yuyu Hakusho
Look at that, Tenchi Muyo!
Oooh, Outlaw Star
Mmm, Candidate for Goddess
Of Course, Cowboy Bebop

How cool was that little Cowboy Bebop snippet at the 3:24 mark. Simple, elegant, to the point. Love it.

All kids out of the pool… And the Oblongs!
Fuck yes, Gundam 0083
Mobile. Suit. Gundam.

Oh my god The Ripping Friends

Well that was a nice little trip down memory lane…

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Did not get the Beatles reference as a child, nor did I see the John, Paul, George, or Ringo covering their ears.

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