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Mexico was in there for Mahvel

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Noah the Prodigy, an 8 year old boy who almost made qualified for top 8 in the MVC3 tournament at EVO 2011.

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Shoryuken! (Congrats, Fuudo)


Hope Ono makes the crowd do the Shoryuken pose every year.

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It’s Top 32 for MVC3 at EVO

So why isn’t Yipes commentating? -_-

EVO 2011 Day 1

While I turned into the stream a bit later than I had wanted, the first day of EVO was pretty good. The Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition tournament was very entertaining. As it continued to the top 32, the matched just got better and better. There were lots of interesting matches like Daigo vs Alex Valle and Justin Wong vs Mago. Poongko has some clutch victories with his Seth that were enjoyable to watch, as were Juicebox’s antics with the Juri and Abel ultra dances. There were lots of upsets, surprises and matches that kept me on the edge of my seat; however cliche that may sound. I was glad to see that there were American players in the Top 8 this year, hopefully shutting up the “America is free” crowd. I was expecting more Yun players to make it to top 8 besides Daigo and Kidevu, but wasn’t surprised that there were a lot of Fei Long players.

Top 8: Daigo (Yun,W), Poongko (Seth,W), Latif (Viper,W), Fuudo (Fei Long,W), Flash Metroid (Zangief,Viper, L), Kindevu (Yun,L), Wolfkrone (Viper,L), Tokido (Akuma,L)

The commentary of Ultra David, James Chen, and Seth Killian were all on point and they were always also able to contribute interesting tidbits of information, like how Daigo the name “The Beast” or how Kindevu is pretty much the japanese equivalent to our Marn. I always enjoy the little backgrounds they give to the players as they are about to start, whether the player is an OG in the community and has been around for many years, someone who had done well in other games in the past like CVS2 or 3rd Strike, or even about relatively newer people who are just starting out in the scene.

The after dark stream didn’t disappoint either and had me up till around 6 in the morning. Hearing “uncensored” commentary by commentators like Magus, Ultra David, and Chris Hu was interesting. Enjoyed some of the exhibition matches for “Capcom Unity Points” with people like Min, Fanatiq, PR Rog, and Poongko. One of the best parts had to be when PR Rog started getting salty whenever Poongko beat him with just one pixel of health. XD

All in all it was interesting. The matches were full of hype as the crown got bigger towards the the top 32 into the top 8. The little things like raising the Rufus after Justin would land his ultra or the “aye’s” every time someone got a hit with Yun’s Genei Jin really made me wish I was a part of the crowd. Marvel is today, and knowing that game I expect the hype to be on the same level, but more than likely greater than the Street Fighter tournament.

Oh, and I loved the guy in the crowd who had a cardboard cutout of a salt shaker and brought it out whenever someone lost. I had a good laugh every time I saw that in the background.  >.<

Was gonna go to sleep, but then I heard Chris Hu commentating on the EVO After Dark stream. Guess I’m not getting much sleep tonight >.>

Damn you Chris Hu and your godlike commentary!