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Friend got me into Steins;Gate

Now if only I could finish it with my slow ass. >.>

Think I lost my phone :-(

Less than a week until Ultra come out!

Can’t wait, but I’ll be at a capoeira event (my school’s batizado) all of next week. Looking forward to playing it after I get back home though.

Slowly improving in Capoeira. Learning a little bit more as I teach some of the underclassmen in the club, but still have a lot to work on. Looking forward to being able to go to more events in the future and play more people. Seeing a professor in our school go out to Italy for an event has got me wanting to get on that world warrior flow and travel more.

Love wathing good games and falling in love with capoeira all over again.

Being off on break is nice.

Have been able to start watching anime again. Have been checking out Gundam Build Fighter and have gotten around to watching anime of the manga that I read. Been enjoying the Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko and plan to get into check out other anime on my to watch list.

Also looking into some new manga, finishing some off that I have put on hold, and rereading some my favorites (like Binbogami ga).

I’m actually surprised at how my cat has been consistently sleeping in his bed. I figure it’s just a phase, but he’s been doing it longer than I would have though. Hell, a few days ago when it was still there, he was lying on some newspaper he’d scratched up.

Still struggling with singing and playing berimbau at the same time.

My hands and mouth sadly don’t seem to wanna work together on this endeavor, so more practice is on order until I’m not forced to pick one or the other.

Also had some fun games with one my friends who I don’t get to play often. We had some nice games that showed me some things that I need to work on. We ended up playing for a while so it was good, since I don’t always get to play for extended periods of time and work on my stamina. Was kinda like running sets in a fighting game session with friends. (Though he just added more and more notches to his name on my Capoeira shit list)

And I’m slowly getting au giratoria.

So I almost got an apelido.

Though since it didn’t have the meaning my contra mestre thought it did,  he passed on it. I think he meant to chose a black bird, but found out the name meant Blue Jay. I think I was almost named Blue Jay.

Glad my motherboard didn’t turn out to be defective, but now it won’t boot into a dick or flash drive so I can install an OS. GAH!

Also been working on truing to get a PS3 from this guy on craiglslist, but he’s been pretty evasive. Ticks me off even more since he even gave me his phone number. Was hoping to be able to get it before Tales of Xillia came out too. >.>

The past two days have been great.

Went down to NYC again to take more capoeira classes at CAQ, though this time I was able to go down on friday since I was finally able to leave work early. While I arrived at the end of the class they had, I was able to make it time for the roda. It was nice playing new people as well as the guest from India who came to class that day. Mestre critiques a lot of our games, which really helped me realize some of the details that I need to work on. Additionally I was able have a few games and got the chance to play Professor Arinanha for the first time.

After class I tagging along with some people from class who wanted to see some belly dancing. We ended up going to a Turkish restaurant that had Mediterranean food, hookah, a bar, and belly dancing shows. Tried hookah for the first time, but didn’t care much for it. The food there was pretty good, and the belly dancing show accompanied by the live music was great. Women who can belly dance may have become a form of kryptonite for me. Just wish it was cheaper.

I was able to experience the kindness of the Capoeira community yet again when I Mestre offered me a place to say for the night, though by the time I got back from the restaurant Mestre was out, so one of the people that I went out allowed me to stay at his place for the night since he offered to go to the Rockaway beach the next day.

Haven’t been to a beach in years and never really thought of it as one of my favorite things to do, but I really enjoyed the trip. While I forgot to bring trunks (which sucked because I had just bought a pair in CT before I came down to NYC) and only had shoes with me, it was quite relaxing. We ended up getting up early (about 6am) to get there before the rush and before it got too hot. We ended up eating at a Dominican restaurant around the area that was pretty good and was pretty cheap. (Was able to get a nice breakfast plate that I proved to be too much food for me and a drink for $9) The trip by train was a bit long, but the beach wasn’t as busy when we arrived. Being capoeiristas, we ended up working on some things, which was great for me since it really helped me with some floreiros and other techniques that I needed to work on. Training on the beach was fun. Catching up on some sleep and the cold water on a hot summer day was refreshing.

After the beach I ended up heading to another capoeira class for acrobatics/floreios. The stuff that my friend had showed me on the beach ended up being a majority of what was taught in class that day. Was happy since I was able to get a better handle on some of the things I struggled with like au batido. Had some good games again and was complimented on the way that I played, but wish I had gotten some criticism so I would have a better idea of what I need to work on.

When class ended I went to a bar and was finally able to buy my friend that sangria I owed him, which he surprisingly forgot about. We had a really insightful conversation on Capoeira and martial arts in general, which is something I always enjoy. We ended up meeting another student from class who I shared another interesting conversation with. I actually ended up having to leave since I thought that I would miss the last train back to Connecticut, but I later realized that the last train leaves after 1am.

Wish I’d been able to stay longer, but I had a great time so I can’t complain. Made me realize just how much I miss NYC and want to live there being the city boy I am. Something to work towards in the future.

Wish I’d gone to the academy yesterday.

Would have loved to have a birthday roda and would have been a nice change in pace, and by change in pace I mean doing something other than working most of the time during the week.

So it looks like I’ll be getting a cord after all.

Mestre left me a voice mail on my phone saying that he had meant to give me one at the Batizado. Words cannot express how happy I was when I heard this. Wish I had gotten the chance to play for my cord and be baptized at the event and play some of the guests that were there, but there are a lot of people at the academy I’ve yet to have the pleasure of having a game with. Really looking forward to my next visit.

Damn, I gotta catch up…

…is what I think whenever I watch my more experienced friends play. While I’ve only been doing Capoeira for almost 2 years, when I first joined the Capoeira Club at RIT I was only one of a few new people among other students that had been training for at least a year. When I first started, I always thought my games weren’t good, I didn’t play well, or that I technique was bad. While I know I’ve improved, the feeling of wanting to get better and catch up to some of my peers hasn’t gone away.

When I was at the CAQ batizado last week, Mestre Ombrinho asked me to play, most likely to evaluate me. I thought I had an alright game, but felt that I could have played better (especially with me teacher’s encouraging “Go Represent RIT” before I entered the roda). After I was bought out, my teacher said I did well, to which I replied that it didn’t feel that way. His response was “Yeah, well that feeling never really fades”. While I’m sure experienced capoeiristas always strive to improve, it was nice to know that my teacher who has been training for 9 years, feels the same way that I do. It’s nice to know that the drive to get better and the feeling of being happy, but not satisfied with your progress is something even more experienced capoeiristas feel.

Went to the 2013 Capoeira Angola Quintal this past weekend and had a blast. It was a week long event, but sadly I was only able to make it out for the events on Saturday and Sunday as a result of my current work schedule and for financial reasons (Workshops aren’t cheap!). The days that I did go down I did enjoy. The workshops that I did attend were really great and taught me a lot, and offered a different perspective on things.

Sadly I missed the previous workshops with Professor Kiko, but I was able to attend the workshops with Contra Mestre Cacara, which turned into 3 back to back sessions. While I started my training in Rochester, where before the only Capoeira school there was Capoeira Mandinga taught by Cacara, I transferred to RIT and started training when Cacara created Com Expressao and my teacher Espiao began training at Capoeira Angola Quintal. So that workshop ended up being the first time that I had ever had any instruction from Cacara, whom I’d been told was an amazing Capoerista. Seeing how good he is on his hands, I enjoyed the workshop he did on bananeira, queda de rins, and au. While I wasn’t able to do everything that he had us do in the workshop, I did get some helpful instruction from him that would help me in the future.

The other workshop was taught by Mestre Joao Cascao and was more focused on traditional angola. The workshop was interesting in that it the sequences that he had us do involved techniques we were all probably familiar with, but just executed in a different way. Found myself stopping myself during some of my movements when I caught myself doing things I was used to doing. The sequences that he had us do were really fun and had things that I would like to incorporate into my game.

The children’s batizado was fun to watch too. The children there definitely had skill and potential that would make anyone envious. The highlight was probably a young boy that played Contra Mestre Omi and held a hand stand for about a good minute with him. (Put me to shame and reminded me yet again I’ve gotta work on bananeira.)

The rodas that followed were nice. I enjoyed the games that I had, though I wasn’t able to play everyone that I wanted to. Sadly just like the last batizado that I went to, those with higher cords bought in front of me on multiple occasions where I wanted to play someone of a high level. It’s frustrating when you want to play someone better than you for experience, but someone buys in front of you. It’s also frustrating when you do play someone of a higher level, but someone buys in when you feel like you’re really getting into the game. (This happened to me twice when I was playing some. After the first time we moved to a different roda but the same thing happened.) I’m sure I’ve done the same, but damn does it suck. But what can you do?

I enjoyed watching my friend Arapuca receive his green-yellow cord, as well my friend Motsquitinho, Zoinho, and Toriero as well as my teacher Esiao receive their yellow cords and become monitors. They all worked had, especially Espiao and Toriero having to transition to a new style. It was also nice watching Ariranha graduate to Professor as well as Graveto, the teacher of my teacher, become a Contra-Mestre. Was very happy for them.

I was glad that I had the chance to play people I wouldn’t normally play though. While I didn’t get to play everyone that I wanted, I was able to play not only one, but two contra-mestre. This was nice for me since before out side of other students or graduated students, I’d never played anyone above the rank of Professor, Graveto. I was happy to get the opportunity to play Contra-Mestre Versatil and Contra Mestre Cacara. While the gap in skill was VERY apparent in our games, I enjoyed them. I’d like to think I got at least one good kick on both of them. (Somewhat better than the kick Graveto let me get on him the last time that we played each other.)

While I wasn’t expecting to get a cord, I almost felt a little left out seeing as how a almost all the people that I train with in Rochester that came to the event received cords. I know one doesn’t and shouldn’t need a cord to validate their skill or progress. Still, as someone who has been to two Batizados and has yet to be baptized or receive a apelido, I do look forward to the day my time comes. I’ve still got a lot to learn and a lot of basic things to drill before that happens.

Also felt the warmth of the community. A fellow capoeirista was kind enough to let me stay at her place for a night while I was down in NY, to which I expressed my great thanks for. Definitely going to repay the favor when the next time that I see her. Between seeing old friends and meeting new people, I felt welcomed.

I just wish I was able to stay longer after the event was done. I had to return to Connecticut for work the next day, but really wanted to stay to help clean up, talk, eat and drink with everyone after. From pictures posted on facebook, I missed a massage party (Which would have been awesome since I was a little sore after) as well as a good amount of people going out to eat after.

Really looking forward to my next trip to NYC for more CAQ classes.