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Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike


Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike

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Street Fighter Zero 3 characters, part 3

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nuki’s chun is sooo GDLK

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red focus looking pretty strong for Yun, he has some impressive tech here that effective serves as a touch-of-death combo against low HP/low stun characters like Akuma

it’s not even a particularly difficult combination to pull off

yun is back and he is dangerous

this is not a drill

This has been a PSA.

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- Karin Kanzuki, Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Capcom)

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A fighting game can tell you a lot about a person.  Whenever you play a fighting game, or really any game where an avatar is selectable, one must undergo the process of choosing the avatar that appeals to them the most.  Some go an extra step and pick the avatar that they identify with.  This identity acts as a conduit in which the player projects themselves into the game, and depending on the game, must defend that identity at all costs.

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 favorite fighting game characters in no particular order #74

→  Street Fighter - Rosee

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